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Imagne... you're driving down a German highway in the middle of oh sweet nuthin. But then you notice a sign in the corner of your eye that says "FREIBURG Amusment park." You have nothing else to do, so you decide to make a right hander and see it for yourself. After a few minutes on a dirt road, you get your first glimpse of the park, if you can call it that. A few fair rides and a forceless zierer family coaster lay on an abandoned grassy hill. If only I ran this place, you think, so you buy it since you are very impulsive and very rich apparently. The dream proves to be pretty difficult. You're confronted with an empty parking lot, difficult terrain, an enraged farmer who refuses to sell his land, and 10.000 dollars in debt. Good luck to you indeed!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Oct 25, 2021