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This is the "Freischütz", a MaurerAG LSM X-Car Launchcoaster.

It's not an exact Re-Creation of the real one that is located in "Bayern-Park", Bavaria, Germany.
More/less it can be called as an Interpretation of it, because of the colors and some things of scenary.

"Freischütz" is called after a german opera from "Carl Maria von Weber - Der Freischütz".
The name can be translated as Marksman/Hunter.
A person who goes into the forest and hunting animals for reasons.

The Coaster includes a LSM start, fallowed by a Top-Hat (in real a top-hat inside),
than through a vertical loop, the first of three inversions.
After a halfpipe section the guests go through the second inversion, a corkscrew (in real a heartline-roll).
Then the coaster make a turnaround a little bit over his own station and the third inversion is coming.
Another corksrew (in real, again a heartline-roll).
A small Helix-8 Combo leads the train back to the station.

It's a short, but intense coaster. From 0-80km/h under 2sec, with G's from 1-4.4

In real the coaster runs with only one train with 2cars, that can hold 12 guests.
If there aren't to much guests there, people can ride 2 rounds in a row instead of one.
For my Intepretation of "Freischütz" i use 2 trains with a functional BBS (Block-Break-System)

The Queue isn't that long, but some kind of interacting, infact that you walk beside the LSM section.
Station should be represent a gun-barrell in real, and i tried it to create somethign like this here, too.

For the colors i used alot of light wood, for contrasts i'll used white/skyblue, because these are the colors of the Bavarian-Flag.

Foliage around the coaster is decent, not to much going on, like the real counterpart. I only add more grass areas, the real one is more/less
build on sand with big rocks lying around.
The forest around is only for deco, and i go for a mixed wood, the standard type of forests in germany.
Some yellow wildflowers here and there between the forest, and cornflowers nearby the coaster.
On some spots there are wood and stone thingys right below the track, to represent a little bit the "Wolfsschlucht" from the opera.

The pathway don't make a completly circle around the track, but it has enough space to keep an eye to the track.
Especially the top-hat zone is a nice place to sit down and watch the coaster.

Right after leaving the exitway, on the opposite side of the mainpath there's a souvenir-shop and a restroom.

That's it for this small Coaster, thanks for reading.
Feedback is allways appreciated.


Section Tracks
Type LIM-Coaster
File Size 4.25 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 8, 2015
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