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Hello everyone! This is my first custom scenario I've felt was good enough to post, so I'm excited to share!

"You've impulsively invested in a small patch of land in a coastal area. However, the locals believe the area is haunted. Your other investors suggest leaning into the "haunted" theme to attract the otherwise frightened guests."

I noticed a lack of spooky themed scenarios, so I decided to make my own. Frightful Forest is an Expert Level scenario using NO custom content! I'd love to hear some feedback too!

Guests are more difficult to attract, the weather is gross, and it's hard to maintain a park rating, but you have unlimited funds!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Mar 5, 2019




Getting ready to try a third time, can't get enough rating to play past the first month. Tried all the ratings tricks, 50 staff, nice mix of rides, food, stalls, scenery. Got close the 2nd time... any suggestions?


It is possible to get past the first month but you have to build fast. Don't do any custom coaster designs. Just get rides in place followed by shops and then staff. It took 3 or 4 tries but I finally got over 700 before getting shut down and then you can do more custom stuff and maintain that level.


Lol I tried 6 times. I rarely build custom coasters, I have a nice supply of pre-builts. I will try again in the order you suggested, thanks. 🎢🎪