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Frontier County is a park that was born out of the RCT3 Scenario, Gunslinger. The original plan that had been laid out was not to my liking, and so the entire park was leveled and then rebuilt over three times. The result is what is perhaps the best park I've ever created in RCT3, an immersive park, all done in NCSO. This requires no mods to download or play, but it does require both expansion packs for RCT3 as did the earlier release of Scrub Gardens. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do! Thank you, and have fun! ~Your Friend the Dragon

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Sep 1, 2018
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Yes, I enjoy this park. Only a few rides, but you put a lot of ideas into the buildings. They are a nice mixture of different styles, and I think it fits together. I like the bridges of the Railroad, and the entrance area of Mountain Steel is really well done. This is a crazy coaster with an impressive tunnel system! But your Silver Starr has a big mistake: real people would die!!! They hit the station with their heads (ouch!). But all in all you did a great job with your "Frontier County". For me it is always an inspiration to see what other people are building ;)