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Hi I am new to this site and this is my first upload. I have a generic park that is in-progress and I will upload the finished version when I am done. The park includes many thrill rides and a custom roller coaster that requires JCATS SteelWorks. "Retaliation" Comment or email me on what you think of the park and how it can be improved.
CS Required: JCATs SteelWorks

Section Parks
File Size 6.65 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 20, 2012




Nice Work!

Some of the pylons were a bit off from where the track was.

Keep it up and you could be in competitions.


Hi! Welcome to RCTgo!
It looks nice, and you used Jcat Steelworx....you need some improvements like RctgoMatthew said
For the building, i suggest you to use Shyguys Main Street, it will make the park better

But, nice park by the way!


I love the park!