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A realistic stand-up coaster with a generic theming. If you change the black on the track to orange it can be easily used as a superman themes coaster aswell.

A few stats:
Excitement: (7.74)
Intensity: (7.29)
Nausea: (3.61)

Highest Drop: 137.38ft
Inversions: 7 (including 2 cobra rolls)
Air time: 13 seconds
Air time: 13 seconds
Maximum speed: 66.26mph

Uses Following CC:
A-Goodies for coasters
Moby's Steel Jungle
GRP B&M Catwalks and evacuations
Station Jim's Gardening
NYR Box Supports

All expansions Required

Section Tracks
Type Fusion
File Size 1.17 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 10, 2014


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where can i dowload: NYR Box Supports ??????????????? please give me a link