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(This is my very first finished park to be shared.)

A park packed with themes you will enjoy.

From horrific and hellish Monstrous Hell where you will feel shaky, and chilly walking among the dead. Oops, the Devil whispered to me that I must not forget him for I did not call the land Hell for nothing.

Do you want to travel among the stars or live in the land other than Earth? Hold on for Gaea's Playground is ahead of everything and it make sure that you will have out-of=this-world feeling from its scifi-themed attractions. Don't forget your gravity suit.

There are times that you want to comeback to Earth's early life just to see a living dinosaur ,or you keep thinking that Ice Age shouldn't have melted its time, or plainly, you just wanted to go to a zoo. Well, this park makes it possible and offers an evolutionary ride.

Is Caspian Sea a sea or a lake? The management do not care as long as it can be established as another attraction. So when they found a body of water just beside the rigged mountain, they changed it for the better by making the water home of the Orca and dolphins even rays and sharks. Legends and myths become true. Pirates and golden treasures is alive 'til now.

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the scenery.

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Date Uploaded Jun 19, 2016