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*NOTICE* - This is ONLY the track! NONE of the scenery is included! This is intended to let people fit it into their own park, when Silverthorne Valley launches it will be available with scenery (since you'll be able to open the scenario and save it). I recommend having both expansions for RCT2, but I'm not sure if you'll need them.

You may also remember how John Silverthorne (Senior) converted his home into a roller coaster station. Well it still stands to this day (although some minor renovations are completed from time to time) and is the home of the park's oldest coaster: Gangplank! We're still not sure what was going through Mr. Silverthorne's head when he started construction (yes he intended to build the whole thing himself, well, until he died anyways - he died peacefully in his sleep) but this coaster was decades ahead of its time (Although one could argue less seeing as construction took fifteen years to complete). Construction started in 1929 when Sills brought lumber to construct the Carousel and slide. While Sills was building those, Silverthorne was punching holes in his walls and building supports. Sills thought he'd gone insane, but rather than sending him to an insane asylum (which probably would have let him inherit the park) he decided to let him work at whatever he was doing until it was large enough to convert the home into a mansion. Eventually while left unattended Silverthorne had completed the lift hill, the sign atop it today reads exactly as it did back then - "Hold on!" For whatever reason Silverthorne thought that if people always held onto the hand rails they couldn't fall off the unfinished hill.

John Silverthorne Senior passed away on October 29th, 1930, shortly after work on remodeling his home to accommodate the station of his Gangplank was finished. After John Senior's death, John Junior had no idea what to do with his father's wooden serpent as the town had dubbed it. Sills suggested that it be finished based on a random scribbled design Senior had drawn days before his passing, and the two agreed on a plan to finish it. Sills brought in a team of carpenters and the ride was slowly completed, no one could understand how it took about a year for just Senior to build the lift hill. The town awarded the carpenters with the "County's Slowest Builders Award" in 1934 when the coaster was finally opened to the public, stating that any team of twenty men should be able to finish what one man started in at least half the time. To this day the chain-lift on Gangplank has never been replaced, nor snapped, nor broken down once, yet the remainder of the ride needs yearly maintenance.

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 836 bytes
Date Uploaded Jul 8, 2016




I LOVE THE NAME!!!!! Good work so far mate! (Also, you SHOULD enter all your work on coasters into Build It!) I would have easily voted for this beauty.


I didn't feel this had enough scenery to win Build-It! although it's probably my favorite woodie that I've ever made.


Bull-honkey! It has enough!