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A ultimate theme park with 16 roller coasters, flat rides and a river rapids. Includes a themed entrance and car park to the theme park.

It has a dive coaster, racing giga coaster, junior coaster in castle, Eurofighter, RMC, 300 foot giga coaster, themed shuttle coaster, looping coaster, launched coasters and a amazing roller coaster going through a load of ships. Also has a themed river rapids. Includes realism features like ride signs, safety signs, height limit posts, photo booths, baggage bins and ride cameras.

1. Blue Launch, 1.4m
2. Dragon Dive (Dive coaster), 1.4m
3. Gateways (Racing giga coaster), 1.32m
4. Golden Racers (Racing looping coaster), 1.4m
5. Hangtime (Eurofighter), 1.4m
6. Iron Phoenix (RMC), 1.32m
7. Kumba (Launched coaster), 1.4m
8. Mad Mouse, 1.3m
9. Magic Dragon (Junior), 0.9m
10. Mechanist's Forge (Inverted shuttle), 1.4m
11. Raging Dipper (Giga, 334 feet 98 mph), 1.32m
12. S.P.A.G.H.E.T.T.I. (Looping mayhem), 1.4m
13. Treasure Junior Airthrills (Tall junior), 0.9m
14. Volcano Throttle (Launch through volcano), 1.2m
15. Xcelerator (Launched top hat coaster), 1.4m
16. Yar Har Har (Through ship wooden coaster, 1.2m

Thrill Flat rides
17. Bling, 1.4m
18. Scizzer, 1.1m
19. Sundial, 1.4m
20. Sun Flare, 1.22m
21. Talocan (Top Spin), 1.4m

Gentle Flat rides
22. Grand Carousel, 0.9m

Water rides
23. Alpine River Rapids, 0.9m

Scenario: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1268564395

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Date Uploaded Feb 16, 2022