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This has to be the craziest, most insane rollercoaster in history that I've ever built!

4 stations. Floorless Twister Trains. Just about every possible inversion, loop (quarter, half and full) without breaking the lateral Gs too much. I will admit that there is a very low point in the design and with a couple alterations, you could quit possibly improve the ratings on your own. I just choose not to for performative purposes (I really wanted to show this off to you guys).
As you can clearly see, while it's looking crazy, I kept it rather tight sq.ft-wise which makes its perfect in any area of the park without sacrificing alot of real estate for other rides and such.

Excitement rating: 2.64 (medium)
Intensity rating: 21.60 (Ultra-Extreme)
Nausea rating: 15.84 (Ultra-Extreme)


Section Tracks
Type Twister Coaster
File Size 1.97 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 21, 2022


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