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excitement-6.97 intensity-6.74 nausea-2.24 Gatekeeper from cedar point. You need CTR nightflight . Thats it. you can add any cs you want. I would say J-cat steelworks and Griffons catwalks but you don't need them to make it on the game. If you use this in a video give me(Riley1299) credit from the track. once you have downloaded, put in my computer/local disk C/users/(your user name)/my documents/RCT3/coasters. but first YOU NEED the CTR list above. I have put the CTR in the custom scenery section, so you can get it there!

message me or post a comment for any requests you have on roller coaster recreations. thanks

Section Tracks
Type CTR Nightflight
File Size 63.17 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 15, 2013
Liked by Riley1299, SamDogy




I downloaded the CTR and the coaster and still cant find it ._.


nice job!


Stilez, double check the read me for the CTR make sure you put both folders of the CTR in the right spots and put the track file in my computer/local disk C/users/your user name/my documents/RCT3/coasters, then check again in the coaster section in the game. hope this helps.


Thanks (= it worked, i agree with marc up there very good job!


Where can i download CTR Nightflight, because i can not find it any where. :)


you can get the CTR in the Custom secenery section on this website. I put it there because I had a hard time finding it and I wanted to make it easier on other people to find it, but it is in the custom Scenery section


Thanks for that Riley mate, and now i will download it and try it out and also can you tell me if the layout is the same at cedar point or is it different :)


I tried to get it as close as I could to the layout at cedar point and I think it came out pretty good


will this work on the mac version?


I'm not sure I have windows 8


god job


in the game is it named gate keeper or something else i did it exacly as u said but dont see it


Try using the gatekeeper ctr


Try using the gatekeeper ctr


What coaster design is this located under when downloaded? Looping etc


Pretty good considering RCT doesn't allow diagonal track placement. Maybe RCT World will allow for that. The critique I have is these key stats of this coaster are not met:

1. Tallest inversion on any roller coaster - 170 feet (in game heights is 127-ish)
2. Longest drop on a wing coaster - 164 feet
3. The subsequent inclines and drops are the same height as the first - I don't believe this is the case IRL
4. The zero-g roll roll towards the end of the coaster goes left instead of right and IRL is actually a bit taller than the zero-g roll just on the opposite side of it.


If you make the modifications according to the above, you're good to go.