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Excitement 8.94
Intensity 6.62
Nausea 3.12

The Twin Tree Hotel is located in Northern California and sets itself apart from other luxury hotels by having a theme park built right next door. This park is open to the public but guests who stay at the hotel gain admittance an hour earlier and can gain access to the park via a monorail. The park has many rides including a Giant Ferris Wheel, an Quad-Bike course, a Vekoma Boomerang coaster, a child friendly area called 'Wunder World', and most recently a Massive hypercoaster called 'Geist.'

Geist, at 8034 ft long is the second longest roller coaster in the world, and longest in North America. It reaches 81 miles per hour on its 235 ft drop and riders enjoy up to 44 seconds of airtime as Geist twists and turns through its 2 and a half minute run. Geist is located at the end of Terror Alley, the ride and queue are themed after a haunted house (Geist translates to Spirit in German).

This is my first ride to use any mods, the ones I used are:
Mobys Steel Jungle v1

ATH Catwalk and Accessories Kit

Gadget's Coaster Goodies

Pteri's Tunnel Pack

Section Parks
File Size 7.19 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 9, 2014