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Remember Genesis? It was a coaster I made under the name of PhoNix. (I have since changed my account due to an email change to this one.) Either way, I decided the original Genesis wasn't exciting enough, so I remade it.

This new breed of speed, Genesis: ReSurface, ups the antie with 7 inversions, a 68 MPH launch, and still retains all the elements of the first Genesis, including a compact design, and a launch that goes into a loop that travels you upside-down for a good 10 seconds at blistering speeds.

Here are the basic ratings:
Excitement - 7.50 (High)
Intenstiy - 6.61 (High)
Nausea - 3.08 (Medium)

Beware the Genesis. It is now more powerful than ever.

If you want to see the first Genesis, click on this link:

Section Tracks
Type Extended Coaster
File Size 63.68 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 15, 2012




Hay Mate
what type or coaster is it?


It's an Extended Coaster... I just noticed that the type of coaster was wrong, so it's all fixed now :p
Sorry for any confusion!


So it's a coaster from the wild expansion?


Correct. It's an Extended coaster.