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Late last year, I started developing a movie-studio inspired park. I had worked very hard on it, and I was very sad when, due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost it. However, I was determined to bring the park back, but to do it bigger and better. The result is my best park to date.

Complete with a custom mixmaster display, as well as 9 themed roller coasters and 2 unique water rides, Germanator Studios will not disappoint. If you are not a thrill seeker, Germanator Studios also has a selection of family friendly rides and shows such as Tigers Alive!

I have spent many months working to make this park as realistic as possible, and am proud to present it to all of you! I could speak all day about the various attractions, but it would be best to let you have at it and discover them for yourselves.

Also look for several small easter eggs throughout the park and backstage!


Section Parks
File Size 10.45 MB
Date Uploaded May 16, 2018




Running park through ParkCLean Up since I can't open the park, I got 3 errors. One is:
"tracks\trackedrides\ctr_macktrackextended\ctr_macktrackextended[]" where did you get that CTR? The 2nd error: "tracks\trackedrides\ctr_slc_ingame_track\ctr_slc_ingame_track[]", and 3rd is: "Referenced OVL doesn't exist: tracks\trackedrides\trackctr_vekomaslvc2_ct\...\...\tracks\tracksounds\steel, referenced via tracks/TrackedRides/TrackCTR_VekomaSLCV2_CT/10track_data.
Big question is where did you get the download for the macktrackextended?


Frankly, I have no idea. I don't have any custom scenery or coasters downloaded. "extended" leads me to believe it is in reference to the multiple extended coasters in park, but that is only an issue of whether or not you have platinum or wild.


Try deleting the .bak in the file. worked for me