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For you I have created a small ghost train (without car) you can find under Coasters Phanti. Right in advance, I would like and did not want to build Phantom Manor but everything you see is fictitious. I would be very pleased about comments, suggestions for improvement. To be able to take this structure, you need the following CSO ..... Before the structure sets please note that you have to create a few blocks, (see picture) otherwise some components float.

All Shy - Main Street Set´s 1-9
Matt's Main Street Set
Od Spices Trees
Fink-Sttressed-Out-West 1, 2
Frontierland Lamps
PLT Main-Street-Elements
Ralviehs: Antik World
Station Jims Ghost Cabin 1-5
Shy- Planters 1, 2
Shiggs 713s Path Covers- Non Conform
Vodin Light Kit
shy-Alpine Village Set 1-6
Vodin Girders Glass Wall
Ynor9s ShowNight
Osudenny Halloween (All Sets)
Fiendish Furnishings
JCats Scream Worx
Ironaiden Creepy Cobwebs
Kiothos Halloween 2013
Black Walls
PLT- Phantom Manor
Geisterbahn Hübner
Phantom of the Opera
Ralviehs Lagerhalle
Black Tunnels

Section Structures
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Date Uploaded Oct 22, 2016