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'Ghostscape' a.k.a. 'Death Factory' a.k.a. 'The Asylum'.



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Ghost Bug (by StationJimJr)

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Archbak's Saw
Archbak's The Asylum
AzoRctMan’s Light Set
Briantjuh94's Paths Set
Ckef’s Rock Side Lagoon Set V2.0
Coinich’s Station Gates
CPcisco’s B&M Footers
DasMatze's Industry Age Additions
Feutcha’s Pirate Loot
FunDMental's Saw Stuff
Gadget Goodies for Coaster Set
ImagineerJohn's / Fisherman's Ghost Mine Additions
JCat’s SteelWorx (for the support killer)
Moby’s Steel Jungle v1
Moby’s Steel Jungle v2
Old-Spice’s Box Set
Old-Spice’s Vegetation Set
Old-Spice’s Star Walls
PBJ's Beach Fence
PB&J's Cobwebs
Ralfvieh’s Antique World
Ralfvieh’s Arabian Days
Ralfvieh’s Arabian Nights
Ralfvieh's Medieval
Ralfvieh's Medieval Part 2
Ralfvieh’s New Castle
Ralfvieh’s Pathcover
Shyguy’s Catfish Cove
Shyguy’s Planters
Shyguy’s Rock Set
StationJimJr's Boston Scare Actor Anims
StationJimJr’s Castle Things
StationJimJr's Chapel Building 2
StationJimJr's Chapel Building 3
StationJimJr’s Creepy Cobwebs
StationJimJr’s Gardening 1
StationJimJr’s Gardening 2
StationJimJr’s Ghost Cabin
StationJimJr’s Ghost Gardening
StationJimJr’s Ghost Mining
StationJimJr’s Jungle Things
StationJimJr’s Pirate Things
StationJimJr's RctAdam's Birthday Manor
StationJimJr's Scaffolding
StationJimJr’s Vikings 1
StationJimJr’s Vikings 2
StationJimJr’s Vikings 3
StationJimJr’s Western Things 1
StationJimJr’s Western Things 2
StationJimJr's Windmills
T4L's Death Ride Events
T4L’s Fences and More
Vodhin’s Lighting Kit v2
WAGI Ghost Mine Ride Set for Fisherman
WAGI Ghost Mine Ride Wall Set
Weber’s Foliage Set
Weber’s Large Rocks
Weber’s Path Enhancement

Section Tracks
Type Indoor B&M Coaster
File Size 4.62 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 27, 2015
Liked by SamDogy