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A giga I made, pretty cool support dodge section next to the station. top speed of 71 Mph, track length of 4732 feet, and a height of 182 feet. Place the file into Documentsrct3parks.
ecxitement 8.02 (very high)
Intensity 5.48 (High)
Nausea 2.47 (medium)
CS needed:
Shyguy's planters
Ralphie's Fountains
Moby's X railings
Gadget coaster goodies
Coasterjoe paths
Doughnuts railings
Ynor9 Control room
Moby's steel jungle 1 and 2
Cpsisco footers
imagineer john's ride event doors
stairs (Affinity download)
Shadow's coasternets
Sk canopy 101
Spice's trees
Baffie's stations
If anything is missing, let me know.

Section Tracks
Type Giga Coaster
File Size 2.94 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 8, 2013
Liked by rct3fan36, SamDogy


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NCS ravens

This should have won Build-It!