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*NB* !GigaBlitz is OpenRCT2-only, I'm afraid: amongst other things the station is too long for !GigaBlitz to be imported into Vanilla RCT2/RCT Classic.

When I contrived this I had no idea that the Non-Inverting Cobra Roll did, indeed, exist in real life: Kondaa, at Walibi, Belgium,


!GigaBlitz sports a "4-leaf clover" (or, "St. Patrick's Shamrock") of NICRs; while I remain a Celt, anything genuinely-and-distinctively-Irish remaining in me must be on the order of 1400 years old; the only Gaelic I know, alas!, is, "S Rioghal Mo Dhream".

!GigaBlitz's Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots (and in the video).

Link to !GigaBlitz video on Google Drive:

Section Tracks
Type Giga Roller Coaster
File Size 570 bytes
Date Uploaded Nov 13, 2023