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Neo-Nero was very well aware of the days of gladiators prancing around plinths and colosseums like horses on Alka-Seltzer while fighting each other to the death, when he happened upon an old Roman palace that had partially crumbled and was now overrun with trees. Figuring it would make for an interesting spectacle to relive, he began his renovations (including doing his best to make a couple bridges that look like they're made out of Roman architecture and supported by columns), and wouldn't you know it, the gladiator galloping has returned in more exciting form than ever before (so say the respective ratings for them, anyway). Feel free to download this coaster so you can do the same for your RCT2 peeps.

Note: This uses scenery from the expansion packs. You'll also need to have two pieces of custom scenery, which can be downloaded here: 1) https://www.nedesigns.com/rct2-object/6449/rbwalr05/ and 2) https://www.nedesigns.com/rct2-object/6266/brcrrf2b/. Enjoy!

Excitement: 6.80
Intensity: 6.14
Nausea: 4.70

Section Tracks
Type Steeplechase
File Size 12.85 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 5, 2018
Liked by SamDogy