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Requires RCT3 2 comments

The preview of my Glide coaster direct to you!
Here you can ride on Glide EXCLUSIVELY to RCTgo without the scenery!
It is a B&M Flying coaster and has a smooth twisting huge layout which (according to RCT3) is not too intense and not really nauseatic with Excitement = Medium, Intensity = Medium, and Nausea = Low.
So an enjoyable experience for people of all bravery and courage.
(WARNING) The height stats will not be accurate as the finished coaster in the original park goes partly underground.
Enjoy! ;)

Section Tracks
Type Flying Coaster
File Size 76.91 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 6, 2009
Liked by SamDogy



Sorry about the exclusion of screenshot!
I accidentally clicked upload before the picture fully uploaded.
SORRY!!! :'(


it's okay. Just go to "Manage Downloads" and click on the coater then go to the screenshots and add some.

Hope this helps,