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Somewhere in the Chinese countryside sits the lost Temple of the Golden Dragon, known for its peaceful setting, stunning architecture, lush greenery, and meaty wontons. There are no statues of the dragon itself, for those who wish to see the dragon are given the opportunity to ride on his back around the temple and through the underground tunnels of wisdom.

But hold on tight--this dragon is wild! He may not drop sharply, but he makes up for it with tight turns, headchoppers, and near-miss collisions through temple doorways. He even swoops directly into the lake of prosperity! But as mad as he may be, he's also family-friendly, and allows even those under four feet in height on his back as he makes his journey around the landscape. He is still a benevolent creature, after all.

Landscape built from scratch on a flat 50x50 park of good fortune.

See final screenshots for ratings of long life.

Section Tracks
Type Junior Roller Coaster
File Size 392.3 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 15, 2016