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The ultimate Gravity Gardens theme park after someone's Evergreen Gardens RCT1 theme park scenario. It includes 11 roller coasters, 9 flat rides and 2 water rides.

It's roller coasters include a giga roller coaster drop over 300 feet into a underground tunnel & completing air time hills round entire park, floorless coaster, vertical drop coaster, junior coaster, inverted coaster, spinning mine train, launched looping coasters, a RMC and wooden coaster. Has flat rides and also a water coaster plus log flume. Has a fountain show in the lake.

Park also has ride signs, cameras, photo booths and health & safety signs on all the rides.

1. Dragon Werewolf (Looping floorless coaster)
2. Blackhole (Vertical drop coaster)
3. Dragon Guardian (Junior coaster)
4. Fire Inferno (Inverted coaster)
5. Giga Rage (324 feet drop into tunnel, 99 mph)
6. Gold Fever (Spinning mine train)
7. Gravity Tower (Torque with inversions & dropping out tower)
8. Loony Mumbo (Xtreme inverting wild mouse)
9. Sprint 500 (77 mph launched inverting coaster)
10. The Jackal (RMC)
11. Wooden Thrills (Wooden coaster)

Thrill Flat Rides
12. Ascendance (Drop tower)
13. Enterprise
14. Hyperjump (Drop tower)
15. Overpower (Top spin)
16. Rising Raptor
17. Round the World
18. Sun Flare
19. The Screamintor
Junior Flat Rides
20. Grand Carousel
21. Weisshorn

Water Rides
22. Drenching Thrills (Water coaster)
23. Loggers Leap

Scenario: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=796495540&searchtext=evergreen+gardens

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Date Uploaded Aug 31, 2021