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In 2013 Catalian Amusement Park began looking for its next major attraction. Going back to their favorite company B&M, CAP's CEO went with a B&M Wing coaster with a twist. A Wing-Dive coaster. Construction began soon and the ride was themed to green lantern. The 150ft lift height and the 157ft drop are sure to float your stomach.

The Ride-

Make a 90 degree turn left out of the station, ascend the 157ft drop, hold over the edge looking at your doom for a breath taking five seconds, plunge down the 157ft drop through a half dive loop, through a wacky corkscrew, Immelmann, Immelmann, 90 degree ejector, 2 more immelmann, Zero- G roll, and barrel rolls. Hit the brake run and hop back in line.

Sorry, no POV. Hope to get a Youtube Channel soon

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Type B&M Wing Dive
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Date Uploaded Oct 2, 2016
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