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Its an uninhabited island, almost a jungle, with cliff where u gotta build ur park. U can buy lots of land to expand water rides but its a hard landscape n ull needa survive to 4 years to get 2.800 people

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jun 19, 2019




I can't get this scenario to work. As soon as guests walk through the front gate they fall into the ground and are never seen again. I've tried editing the map but I can't figure out what the problem is.


I had the same trouble. Made me laugh. I ended up lowering the 2 spaces of ground under the initial path, then rebuilt the path until it worked. Otherwise a lovely landscape that wasn't hard to win. Thank you Little Panda.

Little Panda

omg i didnt notice it happened but yall only need to move the ramp at the beginning to move away from the entrance. sorry boos