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Park full with guests and a update to the coaster Blacked Stand which now has a powered launch. Don't change operating mode or it won't work! Used OpenRCT2 to put this operating mode on. Benches also filled in on some empty spaces.

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Date Uploaded Jul 3, 2017


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I counted how many roller-coasters I had and I got, 38 which is exactly twice as many as the most in one park in real-life! For real-life on the outside lots of paying desks, car parks, hotels, water park, safari park and a zoo!

1. Air 400 (400 foot, 121 mph launch coaster!) – I built
2. Big Twister – Clicked on and edited
3. Blacked Stand (Stand up dark indoor coaster, no inversions) – I built
4. Bobsleigh – I built
5. Circulator (Launch coaster) – I clicked on
6. Corkscrew – I built
7. Floorless Twister (Floorless coaster with large loops) – I built
8. Forest runaway (Mine train) – I built
9. Fright flight (Single rider flying coaster) – Clicked on and edited
10. Hawksnest (Inverted coaster which goes around tight bends) – Clicked on
11. Hillside Spinning Tubs (Rollercoaster with spinning tubs) – I built
12. Hyper dipper (A proper steel coaster, 205-foot tall, 82 mph with 21 drops and no inversions) – I built
13. Incliner (Backwards half way looping coaster) – Clicked on
14. Junior Logs (Family coaster) – I built
15. Launched Incline (Backwards half way no inversion coaster) – I built
16. Mini miner (Like Wild Mouse but mine trains) – Clicked on
17. Mining Runaway (A train coaster) – I built, used some scenery from click on
18. Mountainside Giant (A 325 foot, 96 mph coaster with big air time hills!) – I built
19. Multi-Dimension Coaster (A coaster which the trains spin upside down for head over heels!) – Clicked on
20. Multi-Diver (Launch inverted coaster with no inversions) – Clicked on
21. Mystic-Flight (Lay down coaster) – Clicked on
22. Nemesis Hydro (Inverted upside-down coaster) – I built
23. Neptune’s knot (A smaller giga roller coaster) – Clicked on
24. Obliviate hills (Drop vertically into the ground, then come back out for big air time hills) – I built
25. Pendulator (Swinging Inverted coaster, no inversions) – Clicked on
26. Rotovator (Turn around on special sections on the coaster!) – Clicked on
27. Stand up Twister (Stand up coaster with 9 inversions) – I built
28. Steel Squeak (Steel coaster turning around sharp bends) – Clicked on
29. Steeplechase 1 and 2 (Horses rollercoaster with twin tracks) – I built
30. Suspended Jungle Flight (Swinging Inverted coaster, no inversions) – I built
31. Tango Dipper (Wooden coaster) – I built
32. Twin dipper 1 + 2 (Wooden coaster with twin tracks) – I built
33. Updraft (Flying roller coaster) – I built, name copied
34. Volcano 220 (220-foot giga roller coaster) – I built
35. Water coaster (Thrilling hills before at the end you get wet with a splash!) – I built
36. Wooden Dipper (Wooden coaster with large air time hills and a water splash!) – I built
37. Wooden King (Wooden coaster with large air time hills) – I built
38. Wooden turns (Wooden bobsleigh coaster) – I built

Water rides:
1. Splash boats (e.g. like Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park but with two drops) – I built
2. Log Flume - I built
3. River Rapids – I built
4. Water coaster (Thrilling hills before at the end you get wet with a splash!) – I built
5. Ice Flow (Dinghy slide) – Clicked on

Thrill rides:
1. Twister (Rotating ride) – Clicked on
2. Flying carpet – Clicked on
3. Drop towers (3; 400-foot drop, 1; 230 feet launch, 1; 180 feet launch 1; 180 feet rotating drop) – Built all except 180 feet launch
9. Pirate Ship – Clicked on
10. Go Karts – I Built
11. Inverted Pirate Ship (2) – Clicked on
13. Two different types of motion simulator – Clicked on
15. Three different types of 3D cinema – Clicked on
18. Top Spin – Clicked on
19. Enterprise – Clicked on

Gentle boat rides: (All 4 gentle boat rides for motion sickness guests)
1. Submarine ride – I built
2. Bumper boats – I built
3. Jet Skis – I built
4. Swans (Pedal yourself) – I built

Gentle rides:
1. Merry-Go-Round (2) – Clicked on
3. Maze – Clicked on
4. Ferris Wheel – Clicked on
5. Mini Golf – Clicked on
6. Double-Decker Observation Tower (405 feet) – I built
7. Monster trucks (Gentle car ride with bumpy sections) – Clicked on
8. Helicopters – Clicked on
9. Dodgems – Clicked on
10. Space rings (2) – Clicked on
12. Circus – Clicked on
13. Ghost train – Clicked on

Transport ride:
1. Chair lift – I built

Plus food and drink stalls, toilets, benches, bins and picnic areas! Staff included.
Total rides: 79
Total rides recommended for people with motion sickness: 59
Total rides and attractions: 255
Total staff: 200; 75 mechanics, 75 security guards (in specific locations), and 50 handymen
Note: There is a piece of roof missing on the Blacked Stand ride by accident. So please put this in!