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Greenwood Thrills - Ultimate theme park!

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 15 screenshots 0 comments

A amazing beautiful wooded theme park with nearly every possible type of attraction and with 73 rides!

It includes 5 wooden roller coasters, steel big dipper coasters, 310 feet & 100 mph giga coaster, a 400 feet & 126 mph launch air powered coaster, floorless coasters, terrifying upside down inverted coaster, corkscrew coaster, inclined shuttle coasters, swinging floor-less coasters, two dive coasters, a huge mini flying coaster, a standard flying coaster, a 4d coaster, a steeplechase , bobsleigh coaster, lay down coaster and many other small coasters!

It also has about all the water rides including a log flume, river rapids, splash boats, two water coasters, and the gentle boat rides; bumper boats, swans, rowing boats and submarine.

Transport rides are a three station miniature railway round the side of the park and a chairlift to the top of a hilltop!

It has most of the thrill rides, gentle rides, indoor picnic area, benches & bins and the shops and facilities required! Some beautiful scenery and building section to the entrance!

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Sep 9, 2018