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April, 1999, Hasbro's "Competition Land" contest called for the best Inverted Coasters users could devise; Bjørn, then aged 15, earned 1st place with "Gryphon's Flight".

!Gryphon's Flight is a RCT2/RCTC-compatible conversion of Bjørn's design: I've inserted appropriate Block Sections & an On-Ride Photo; beyond that, the only deviation from the original trackitecture is a restructuring behind the station to accommodate a 'proper' final Brake Run.

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots, and in the video; the final Screenshot, courtesy of RCTspace, depicts the original Competition Land Park that Bjørn submitted; you can see how heavily-themed that original Coaster was (typical of top-place contestants' submissions, irrespective of the specific contest); I simply depict the virtues inherent in only the un-augmented track.

Gryphon's Flight at RCTspace, including .SC4, .SV4 & .TD4 files:

My own !Gryphon's Flight video on Google Drive

This machine was truly effortless to convert to include the Block Sections, and runs its 3 trains seamlessly. I wish I could thank Bjørn, personally.

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 365 bytes
Date Uploaded Sep 21, 2023