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"Shielding infantry from aerial assault, these massive spires force the Covenant’s foes to fight on deadly ground."

Yep. Surprise. A Halo Reach remake.
Took me forever to form this landscape, and it's not as exact as I would like it to be, but it's consistent enough.

Can you fit 1200 guests in 3 years into this remade Halo Reach Map?

Section Scenarios
File Size 316.79 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 25, 2018



Little Panda

Real good, i love it

Skylander Katfish

One thing I noticed, is that once you start, you will HAVE to set the research on maximum funding and shops only. I forgot to add the bathrooms in the starter rides and it's way in the back of the list.


Yes, waiting for the restroom was a challenge but not impossible. I know nothing about halo or cod but I love the unique theming in your scenarios. I put a roto drop in the center of that tower and it looked awesome. Thanks for your efforts and keeping me entertained!

Skylander Katfish

No problem! It's one of the most accurate remakes I have ever done

Skylander Katfish

You can see of gameplay video of this map here: