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Located in the Denver region, a tiny little them park has one huge rollercoaster. Well maybe it is not that huge but it still packs a punch. Hatchet. Themed to a local blacksmith who has a passion for timber, but more the tool that cuts it down. He tried makings axes but that didn't please him so he moved towards hatchet making. Walk into the que and be greeted by a hand full of alpine treasures in the blacksmiths home. Begin to realize that Hatchet may not be as scary as you thought, but then you hear it as you exit the home. Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Clunk, Boom!!! As you walk into the station and see the timber fall down the terrifying first drop. Pick one of the ten rows and your journey begins...

POV- http://touchcast.com/coasters/hatchet_pov

(I movie bugged out on me. The first title is supposed to say Day POV)

This is the first of many roller coasters from this park so stay tunedand also my first fully custom supported wood coaster. Please leave me some cc on that. Lets have a great round!!!

Section Tracks
Type Gravity Group Timberliner
File Size 494.01 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 22, 2017
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