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A special shoutout to Stu for helping me get this scenario as I wanted it to be, because Classic for some reason doesn't allow for "Finish the five coasters" scenarios to have money limits...

Name: Hatzeg Horrors
Category: Expert Parks
Goal: Finish the five coasters and have an excitement rating of 7.30 for each of them.
Cash: 8,000 on a current 10,000 loan
Description: "You have been kidnapped by the mighty Hatzegopteryx with one condition to be let free: Finish his roller coasters"

Requirements: Any form of RCT2 with expansions

Additional Notes: Park is Pay Per Entry and Harder Guest Generation and Harder Park Rating are active. The five coasters to be finished are a Multidimensional Coaster, a Mine Train, a Floorless, a Corkscrew, and a Virginia Reel.

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Date Uploaded Jul 20, 2022