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My very most favorite scenario and park I ever built back on here again, my sister looked at the ending of godzilla and thought it looked okay which the ride in real life would be normal for, but the deleted the ended, built a straight curve drop with a tunnel underground a turnaround drop then back up to the brakes station, which would probably injure riders in real life said by my sister, but in rct it looks very cool to us yes, godzilla even now is much more taller, scarier, faster better then ever, then my sister discovered on the motorbike ride, cars were stuck on a turn where there's a hill a bit high up, built a second weird chain lift and ride seems okay now!

Well not much I know and not sure if later on if I want to custom buy land over the small hill land next to the pirate ride, and at the end side of the park next to walrus and the s&s tower is but well just later on see! Enjoy!

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Date Uploaded Feb 6, 2024