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E: 2.04
I: 2.89
N: .40

This is a Go Kart track designed for RCT3 to make your parks just that much more realistic. It is entirely customed supported, and all the files you need are in the .zip. Also, in the pictures you may see the billboard and the fountains, but these are not in the save design or in the cs folder. However, the fountains are just Imagineer John's, and the Billboards are Dasmatze. It should be relatively easy to find them. The logo on the billboard is included, however.

Extract the track into My Documents/RCT3/Coasters. The track file has the .trk extension.

Extract the CS into Programs/Atari/Rllercoaster Tycoon 3/Style/Themed, just as you would any other cs file(s).
*Note: Make sure to go into the cs folder and extract each of the different files seperately. DO NOT EXTRACT THE CS FOLDER AS A WHOLE!

Extract the picture to My Pictures, or My Pictures/RCT3. Whichever you prefer.



Section Tracks
Type Go Karts
File Size 18.14 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 1, 2013
Liked by SamDogy




Also, I found that ACDC's song Thunderstruck is a great way to set the mood of the track. :)


Yeah! Rock 'n Roll! This project seems cool!



Kinda reminds me of a parking lot structure..