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This park contains the following three own replicas of the Heide Park Resort, Lower-Saxony, Germany, and a little water attraction in a restorative lake.


Let's Ride on...

... Big Loop (Looping Roller Coaster): http://youtu.be/cHnNPEpfp08
... Schweizer Bobbahn (Bobsleigh): http://youtu.be/VZtxJIJP44o
... Colossos (Wooden Roller Coaster): http://youtu.be/-VGCNc3-zjE


Big Loop

Excitement Rating: 6.29 (high)
Intensity Rating: 5.33 (high)
Nausea Rating: 2.40 (low)
Schweizer Bobbahn

Excitement Rating: 6.44 (high)
Intensity Rating: 5.89 (high)
Nausea Rating: 2.40 (low)

Excitement Rating: 6.90 (high)
Intensity Rating: 8.40 (very high)
Nausea Rating: 4.30 (medium)
!New! Desert Race *

Excitement Rating: 6.63 (high)
Intensity Rating: 3.43 (medium)
Nausea Rating: 1.71 (low)

* exclusive track download --> http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/10833

No Custom Scenery required.
Optional: "Moving Doors" for the station drive-in's; "StationJim's Random Things" for really looking food stalls and stands.

Designing engineer: Rollercoaster-Fan

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Section Parks
File Size 2.92 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 30, 2013




Wow, that's awesome.


Nice park but one problem. A bunch of drowning peeps in the water


Thanks for your nice feedbacks! Yeahh, you can take out the water of the lake, then you drag the people out there and after you fill in water once again. That should solve the problem.