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This is the first scenario I created for this forum. When I found out about it, the firt thing that came to my mind was to create something. I didinĀ“t know what, but after some thinking I came up with the idea of an map with a hard objective that will take some time to complete, so I ,and now you, could enjoy the park for a long time. The objective is to have a monthly profit of 40.000 in attractions. I really enjoy this kind of gameplay because you can focus on construction and decoration but also in the objective.
Hope you enjoy.

Section Scenarios
File Size 11.84 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 2, 2019
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Please make more! I liked this park but had to quit at 20k with over 100 attractions. The older rides lose value the longer I play. Love to see more from you. Thanks for posting!


Thank you for the feedback! I'll make more for sure!


High hill crashes if you run it empty.