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*NB* !High Voltage should be fine for both RCT Classic and OpenRCT2, but is unsuitable for vanilla RCT2.

*NB* There exists a single section of plain track in the middle of the Launched Lift Hill: its presence is strategic, and its placement is very-precisely situated; if more Launched Lift Hill is added, or if the gap is lowered, trains will generate excessive Lateral Gs traversing the Reverse-Sidewinder; if that gap is moved upwards empty trains will fail to complete the Inverted Top Hat and reverse all the way back to crash into the train parked in the station.

*NB* This was created in OpenRCT2: when importing into Classic confirm that there are no subtle differences in how the coaster performs; if trains fail to complete the Top Hat, lower the gap in the Launched Lift Hill; if excessive Lateral Gs are generated entering the Reverse-Sidewinder, raise the gap in the Launched Lift Hill.

Do not put this coaster in 'test' mode with Guests aboard ...

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots (and in the video). The last Screenshot and the video depict Stand-up Twister Trains (and higher Ratings), but this upload is married to the standard sit-down Twister Trains (as shown in the 1st 4 Screenshots). I have never tested Floorless Trains on this design.

Link to !High Voltage video on Google Drive:

Section Tracks
Type Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 292 bytes
Date Uploaded Nov 16, 2023