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Horus, the legendary egyptian god has been ressurected. Situated near an oasis, a large temple rise from the sand dunes. In it, you will find loads of statues, obelisqs and pyramids dedicated to Horus. It is said that when the golden eagle of steel will rise high in the air, Horus will return on the world to reincarnate. With a rate of:
Exitement: 8.92
intensity: 5.55
nausea: 3.23
Max speed: 109.06 km/h

Section Tracks
Type parallax Gatekeeper
File Size 5.11 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 6, 2016
Liked by SamDogy


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looks cool, it downloads as a .dat file, but it's listed under tracks, usually, .dat files indicates a building or structure and not a ride, how do I install this as a ride?