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Hello everyone reading! I have finally completed my custom scenario pack for RCT2! This scenario pack could also be played on Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic as well.

My scenario pack consists of 21 scenarios. The difficulty ranges from trivial to pretty challenging. I didn't bother to group the scenarios into the beginner, challenging, and expert groups because I couldn't decide what the cutoffs would be. There is at least 1 park for every type of objective in Open RCT2. My pack includes no money scenarios, some remastered scenarios from the original RCT1, and scenarios inspired from other games/media. I also included two "finish the 5 coasters" scenarios and a "finish the 10 coasters with a given length" scenario which do involve money. If you are wondering how I did this, I temporarily clicked on "No Money" on the finances screen, then I went on the objective screen and clicked on the objective I wanted, and finally I went back to the finances screen and unchecked "No Money". This allows the park to keep the current objective while also introducing money into the scenario. I don't think you can do this on RCT Classic.

Here are the objectives for each scenario as well as their objectives so you can get an idea for the difficulty level. Most scenarios also have other stipulations, which I'll leave it to you to discover those.

1. Central Plains: 600 guests in 2 years
2. Chilly Waters: Park value of 0,000 in 2 years
3. Easley Heights: 10 coasters w/o length requirement, no money scenario
4. Burton Bay: Ride ticket income of at least ,000
5. Future's World: Finish the 5 coasters with excitement rating of at least 5.9, no money scenario
6. Caldwell Forest: 1,000 guests in 2 years
7. Robot Pirate Island: Park value of 0,000 in 3 years
8. Warped Tour: Shop/stall income of at least ,000
9. Pharoahville: Repay loan and park value of 0,000
10. Prehistoric Park: 1,700 guests in park w/o time limit, no money scenario
11. Mushroom Kingdom: 2,400 guests in park in 4 years
12. Imaginaerum: 10 coasters with length of at least 6,741ft
13. Underpass Alley: 1,300 guests in 3 years
14. Hedge Maze Heaven: Ride ticket income of at least ,000
15. Oceania: Park value of at least 0,000 in 3 years
16. San Junipero: Finish the 5 coasters with excitement rating of at least 6.6
17. Onerous Park: 700 guests in 1 year
18. Car Rides & Steeplechases: Repay loan and park value of 0,000
19. Slurpy Swamp: 1,100 guests in park w/o time limit
20. Dust Bowl: 1,900 guests in 4 years
21. Coaster Insanity: Finish the 5 coasters with excitement rating of at least 8.2

I put all files needed into a zipped folder. You will probably have to extract the scenarios from the zipped folder and put them into the appropriate folder in Roller Coaster Tycoon. If you are playing RCT Classic, the path should be Documents -> Atari -> Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic. If you are playing Open RCT2, the path should be Documents -> Open RCT2 -> scenario. If something is wrong with the files send me a message on here and I will address the problem as soon as I can.

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Date Uploaded Mar 17, 2020


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Kill723/Traction Slide

Very cool! I can't wait to play them