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This 60 second ride will send you through the tropics at over 62 mph through over 3100 ft of track, flying through elements like braving through a category 5 Hurricane. Although only 4 inversions and a maximum of 3.7 G's, this ride pulls over a 9 in intensity, with a solid 7 in excitement and a gut-wrenching 6 in nausea. Due to the underground tunnel near the end of the ride, placing this track will have it floating relatively high above the ground unless the ground around where the tunnel would be is adjusted.

Section Tracks
Type LIM Launched Coaster
File Size 761 bytes
Date Uploaded Mar 28, 2015


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Nice win and what a milestone, two RCT2 tracks in a row won the "build-it" competiton!
Cool stuff Rudy18!

So long Cobra