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I proudly present my 50th coaster design: Hurricane Force 12. A steel twister roller coaster featuring 12 inversions!

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/eoDUNlqbC4k

Ratings: very high, very high, high. See final screenshot for all stats.

CS used: Fisherman's flags. Also included is a version without the flags.

Section Tracks
Type steel twister roller coaster
File Size 4.3 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 7, 2017




It's an interesting concept to make a coaster with as many inversions as possible without making it too intense and sacrificing the aesthetic, and it clearly worked this time! Too bad it lost in Build-It!

I really liked it for what it was! :D


I've had a lot of fun with this in my park. Great coaster and as Supra said, the inversions work without making the coaster seem unrealistic. Great build.


It looks great in RCT3 too Vanellope told me