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My first ever track design using the new hybrid roller coaster type from OpenRCT2. The trains on this big lug can climb the twisted steep lift hill up to 205 ft and plunge down a 200 ft drop, reaching speeds of up to 80 mph - all within a 10x10 frame. And it gets 8.5 excitement and intensity. A little overpowered like the Hyper-Twister and Giga Coasters but the hybrid is definitely in the same tier as them.

Section Tracks
Type Hybrid Roller Coaster
File Size 613 bytes
Date Uploaded May 23, 2023
Liked by Fred 104 4276


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Fred 104 4276

This coaster type actually gets more excitement from inversions so you may want to make use of those. You should also be careful such that you don't get too many drops so as to avoid the intensity going above 10, especially when you have at least 4 inversions.