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A park surrounded by waterfalls, which is an idea i've been tossing around for years. To play this, you will need dasmatzes Spinning Coaster CTR, The Boomerang CT, the B&M CTR's, Moby's Steel Jungle V2, Vodhins Girders and Glass Walls, Spice's tree and other foliage sets, ATH catwalks, Dasmastez benches and utilities, Raveilsh Fountains, mccorny's fast food set, T4L's Fences N' More, bigburgers path covers, JCats steelworks, and Shyguy's rocks and trees.
The park isn't fully completed, as there are one or two coasters I never finished building supports on. I hope you enjoy!

Section Parks
File Size 10.29 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 27, 2016


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This looks like a lot of fun. Nice job.