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An Intamin Blitz I made over spring break. Generic theme-- very simple, yet exiting ride with low nausea.
Exitement: 54.70
Intensity: 5.84
Nausea: 2.52

CS Needed:
CTR is in the Download
ATH Catwalks
Coasterfreak90s Megacoaster additions
CPcisco's B&M Footers
Moby's Curved floors
Moby's Curved Walls
Moby's X railings
Moby's steel jungle v1
Oldspice trees
Jcat's steelworx
Stationjim Random Things
Techno -Coaster essentials LIMs
Techno coaster essentials LSMs
Ynor9 Control Room

Section Tracks
Type Intamin Blitz
File Size 14.54 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 24, 2014




Really good work!


Your roller coaster looks really cool! Probably not as good as mine. Mind checking my coasters out?


@britishdude22 "Probably not as good as mine"? You only have one coaster, and that's rude! Not cool


I like your designs. What custom scenery did you use for the station gates to get into the roller coaster? I downloaded some of the cs you mentioned but wanted to make sure I had the right one.


For the station gates, I used Stationjim's Random Things, found at this link: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/9769


The ride looks amazing, but I stopped trying to import it after spending several hours looking for Moby's X Railings but not being able to find a live link. I have EVERY other CS needed for this EXCEPT the X Railings. Can someone please upload them and link?

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.