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This high-speed ride combines the flume and splashdown elements of a shoot-the-chute, with the chain lift hill, curves and drops of a roller coaster. Enjoy your soaking ride on this water coaster while getting relief from the extremely hot and humid summers!

Section Tracks
Type Water Coaster
File Size 11.74 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 8, 2023
Liked by saintplaysRCT


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Great minds think alike, haha - I just posted some water rides too. I'm 100% NOT a spring/summer person, but it looks like we've both got warmer days on the mind.

Love the architecture here, especially the windowed tower in front. A good mix of symmetry and not-symmetry that scratches my brain just right. I'm really looking forward to getting this in game and taking a peek through the scenery; thanks so much for sharing!