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A new coaster from purplebunglebee, a huge boomerang invertigo coaster with a difference.
instead of having 1 loop and a cobra roll this has 4 loops a cobra roll an 'opposite cobra roll' (made that name up) a double bat wing and a tiger roll (all credit goes to RCTgoMatthew for the idea of a tiger roll - go check him out). That's not it though. Once you get round it once you'll have to do it again! For an insane total of 24 inversions!
rating go as
7.54 excitement
9.66 intensity
7.01 nausea
Thanks - purplebunglebee
PS you will need the John Wardley and David Braben codes for this to work
just rename two peeps - one John Wardley one David Braben.

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Shuttle Coaster
File Size 65.01 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 16, 2013