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Heres Ice Shore, a frozen shore to build a park able to get 3000 guests in 4 years. It aint the hardest scenario, but u will find some difficulties to beat it because of the price of buying land n the water down in the coast.

I think this scenario is to be played for 4 years along.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Nov 26, 2022
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I download this scenerio but dont know how to play it. The file is ice shore.park. My understanding if I want to play this scenerio in OpenRCT2, it needs to SC6 file format.

Am I missing something?

Little Panda

I made it in OpenRCT2, dont know what could be wrong. Maybe u need to rename the download to "ice shore.sc6" before playing it


If you're playing on classic you cannot play .park files