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I had a different imagination from my mind I thought of!
I wanted to make Iceberg Islands a bit more better as I know this park may not exist in real life along with Icicle Worlds and Alpine Adventures! But anything everything is possible in roller coaster tycoon only i know of for years!
So I build a special dueling pair of vekoma coasters a laydown coaster and a compact suspended looping coaster which both turned out great a one of a kind, a 8 inversion invert inspired by El Encierro from New Element that was intended to be took 7 times to build with good stats then way later it all turned out great, then a gravity group or a gci wooden hybrid coaster with some of own icebergs i made that made a big great difference but coaster kept getting slower when I try to build inside of icebergs so I just build around them with special water effects!

Enjoy now more better bigger Iceberg Islands a one of a kind ice built theme park only in rct though!

Section Parks
File Size 1.83 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 13, 2023