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In 2035, legendary engineer Ludwig Van Loop started on a project that would change the world forever. On December 11, 2034, construction began on a climate controlled roller coaster. He planned to make a tropical jungle coaster. When the climate room construction was nearly complete and the roller coaster was done, a huge blizzard swept through the area. Snow covered the ground and formed icy lakes. Suddenly, the workers heard a crack! The tracks turned from bright red to an icy blue, as the tracks froze forever. Its initial height of 150 ft. swelled to a mighty 200. The restraints froze open, making the ride unusable. All of the workers fled the area and did not return. The station turned into an organized pile of ice cubes, and the project was abandoned. To this day, the tracks remain frozen, the restraints remain open, and the climate remains icy. The only thing it is missing is...


Maximum Height: 200 ft.
Maximum Speed: 87 mph.
Minimum Height: 9 ft. underground
Track Length: 6642 ft.

Brace yourself for an ICY BLAST!

Section Tracks
Type Rocket Coaster With I-Box
File Size 8.54 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 24, 2016