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Name: I'm Indebted to the RollerCoaster Mob!
Category: Expert
Goal: Repay your loan and achieve a park value of 1,000.
Description: "Look! See? Your owe us some big wads of cash. See? Da boss is willing to overlook your late payments if you help get rid of some other delinquents in our totally legitimate car park. Do this and pay back your debt, and you'll be free to go. Ya dig?''

This is a very hard scenario, designed to challenge you at a pay-per-entry park. Inspired from a scenario by Fuzzles, which was accidentally made way harder than intended. In this scenario, the pre-built elevator is good for getting rid of guests in your park, but you'll need to create a high total ride-value in the park in order to increase the ticket price high enough while also getting enough new guests in the park to be able to match the interest and then pay back the ridiculous loan from the loan sharks. It was fun learning the nuances of entry ticket pricing in order to beat this.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 3, 2022