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In the early 2010s, the world's first and only thrust-air terrain coaster opened to the public. Unfortunately, due to its location between Death Valley and uncharted nowhere, combined with the scorching temperatures present in this region, ridership remained low. As a result, it soon closed, the washed-out metal buildings were torn down, and the track sat in the desert waiting to be consumed by steel-eating coyotes.

In 2015, however, the engineer, who was also a billionaire scientist, peanut butter enthusiast, and owner of all the surrounding land, chose this region to test out his new anti-weather ray. Being able to change the climate at will allowed him to create a habitable environment for the abandoned roller coaster, which was in dire need of a new paint job. He refurbished the ride, relocated thousands of tropical plants, and built a new interactive complex around the coaster that includes a hotel, a mall, an arcade, and even a wax museum filled with dummies. By cooling the temperature to fit a tropical rain forest minus the actual rain, he was able to turn his desolate, old, failed experiment into a popular tourist trap, allowing him to earn enough extra cash to fine-tune his anti-weather ray, which still triggers uncontrollable hail, but now only on Tuesdays and alternating Saturdays.

Though the track may look identical to the old one, a closer examination reveals that certain straight portions are now banked differently. This is to give riders a bumpier experience, as though they're actually caught between gears, or something else industry-related. Whatever it's supposed to simulate, riders have reacted positively to the change, with the Golden Ticket Awards giving it the #1 ranking in the category of air-powered vertical coasters.
Take that, Dodonpa.

See final screenshot for ratings.

As a refurbished version of an older roller coaster with a modified track and overhauled scenery, this is eligible as an entry. This has already been confirmed.

Section Tracks
Type Air-Powered Vertical Coaster
File Size 743.58 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 16, 2017




Congrats on winning Build It with this. Looks awesome.


i vote for this so good news vote win yay! =)