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Check details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRMY1dF3kKo

For quick completion use.
Time for completion: 2 hours (one hour per year)

1. No advertising-campaign
2. Strategy is going for the cheap types of coasters. But “cheap” does not mean the track is “easy-to-design”. Instead those coasters need our patience and EXP to finish it with >6.0 interesting rate.. EXP players should know what it means. Finally six coasters operate in year 1.
3. Go coasters so far without any other kind of rides unless funds were running out. Finally built one launched free-fall and one dodgem and one grand carousel.

Checking the video is welcomed.

Build list of coasters in chronological order:
1. Wooden Coaster (pre-built; block section mode)
2. Mini Suspended Coaster (circuit mode)
3. Junior Roller Coaster (block-section mode)
4. Steel Wild Mouse (block-section mode)
5. Virginia Reel (circuit mode)
6. Mini Roller Coaster (circuit mode)
7. Looping Roller Coaster (block-section mode)
8. Suspended Swinging Coaster (block-section mode)
9. Compact Inverted Roller Coaster (block-section mode)
10. Stand-up Roller Coaster (block-section mode)

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded May 31, 2019